Product Description



Time Attendance and Access Control Portable Console with fingerprint recognition

ZSAC® (See photo)


AT24C64 Smart Cards (500 Pieces/Lot)



Smart cards with user template effectively allow up to 10000 users for a single ZSAC

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Lead Time: Two (2) to Three (3) weeks depending on stock.

Product Details

General System Specifications

  • Up to 10,000 users templates locally stored in non-volatile rewritable flash memory.
  • Each smart card holds the user's fingerprint template. This effectively allows up to 10,000 users.
  • Fast enrollment and verification times.
  • Flexible operation:
    1. Fingerprint + Smart Card
    2. Fingerprint + Smart Card + PIN
  • Complete protection with 256 bit AES Encryption.
  • Built-in Battery backup including battery.
  • Built-in Battery charger for at least 12 hours of continuous operation without Mains supply.
  • Built-in USB 3 Interface to connect to a computer.
  • Free proprietary application to access the Console through the USB port, for uploading templates and settings, retrieving reports, and other operations.

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