Product Description



Customers Quantity Control for Covid19

Automated agglomeration control by counting people entering and leaving, and optionally checking if customer's ID Card is valid for the current day according to its last digits. See description below.



Prices do not include sales tax, customs tax or any other tax or charge.

¡Crowded businesses are a real contamination risk!

Avoid the risk installing the most reliable automated agglomeration-inside-your-business control.

Delivered in any language.

ZSCQC® is a highly integrated and powerful device with cutting-edge technology, specifically designed and developed by ZSControl for this application. It is not a personal computer inside the door armor.

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Lead Time: Two (2) to Three (3) weeks depending on stock.


Product Details


  • Audible voice prompts to notify several events to the customer (Enter, wait, etc.).
  • Swing entry door with counting feature and locking mechanism to prevent exceeding the maximum allowed number of people inside your business.
  • Two 18 meters range ray beams sequentially located to count people leaving and entering through the exit door. The exit door is not included but an optional swing exit door can be added to the left armor. NOTE: Entering through the exit door should not be allowed.
  • Illuminated GREEN/RED front semaphore at entry door
  • Real time clock calendar with independent battery backup.
  • Built-in rewritable flash memory to store the ENTRY counter, with ten (10) years data retention minimum.
  • Built-in USB 2 interface.
  • Battery backup with charger and rechargeable battery for 4 hours minimum of continuous operation.
  • Password protected system and memory access.
  • Programmable maximum number of people, including non-customers, inside the building at any moment.
  • Entry and exit counters readable and resettable.
  • Entry bell alert. This feature can be enabled or disabled.
  • Stainless steel cold rolled housing door structures.
  • Indoors use only.


Some cities allow access to commercial and financial establishments only one day of the week (Most colombian cities, for example), depending on the last 1, 2 or 3 digits of the identification card. ZSCQC with ID card reader automates the card verification process, avoiding the need to have a dedicated person only to check each card at the entry.

  • Compatible with 2D PDF417 barcode format. Colombian Foreigner and Citizenship "Cédulas", for example.
  • Audible voice prompts to notify when the last digits of the ID Card are valid/invalid for the current day.
  • Up to two (2) million entry records in non-volatile memory with minimum ten (10) years data retention. Each record contains date and time of each entry, plus all the information in the barcode. Which is typically:
    1. ID Number
    2. First Name
    3. Middle Name
    4. Last Name
    5. Maiden Name
    6. Birth Date
    7. Birth Place
    8. Genre
    9. Blood Type
    10. Height
  • Non volatile memory entry records detailed reports via USB interface.
  • Programmable number of ID Cards last digits to check.
  • Programmable ID Card last digits which are valid each day of the week.

    ID Card reading process description

    1. Entry semaphore in RED
    2. Waits for the card to be inserted and plays a voice message warning not to remove it.
    3. Reads the card
    4. Checks if the programmed last digits match the corresponding card last digits for the current day.
    5. If card is valid, turns on the entry semaphore green light, unblocks the entry swing door, notifies the waiting customer, increments the internal counter and saves the entry information.
    6. Else, notifies the customer the card is not valid for the current day, points out the day of the week when the card is valid and asks the customer to retreive the card, if still inserted.

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