Product Description



Prepayment Water Flow Control
with external Meter


First Prepayment Water system in history to use encrypted Barcodes instead of manually inserted Pins or Smart Cards

Huge savings in IC cards, card reader devices and damaged or destroyed cards and readers.

Prepayment Systems allow utility fees collection in advanced! No risk of delayed payment or no payment

Special USER MODE for stand-alone operation without external control.

The most effective, friendly and reliable Water Flow Control and Meter system on the planet.

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Lead Time: Two (2) to Three (3) weeks depending on stock.


Product Details

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Buying Process Description:

The final user Local buying process is:

  1. Buys any number of Cubic Meters (Default) or Cubic Feet at any distribution point, for a given ZSMW2 Meter.
  2. Gets a secure ticket with a printed barcode.
  3. Goes home and inserts the ticket into the Terminal's Barcode Scanner compartment.
  4. Pushes the [START] key at the Terminal. Reading takes less than 2 seconds and there is an audible warning when completed.
  5. The Terminal updates the register and the display with the new values and dates.
  6. Finally, the user removes the ticket from the Scanner compartment and is free to discard it if he wishes.

The final user Remote buying process is:

  1. Buys any number of Cubic Meters (Default) or Cubic Feet at any distribution point or via Internet, for a given ZSMW2 Meter.
  2. The given ZSMW2 Meter is remotely and immediately accessed.
  3. The given ZSMW2 Meter updates the register and the display with the new values and dates.

General System Specifications

  • Completely TAMPER-PROOF. Tampering protection covers also the External Control Unit. All tampering attempts are saved in memory and immediately reported via wireless interface when possible.
  • Proprietary leading edge technology with last generation hardware (UL and CSA approved minimum) and firmware.
  • Built-in Wireless Modem 3G and 4G compatible that can be accessed remotely at any time to register new purchases, get reports, check status, monitor operations, define or modify settings, block/unblock electrical flow, etc.
  • Built-in USB 3 interface for local testing, downloading reports and in general for the same operations that can be performed remotely via Modem. For use by authorized personnel only.
  • Built-in 4 (Four) MB of rewritable flash memory with eight (8) years data retention minimum, to store tampering attempts, buying history, settings, etc.
  • Built-in Barcode Scanner.
  • Built-in graphic LCD display to show status, balance, last purchase information, available Cubic Meters (Default) or Cubic Feet, etc.
  • Built-in Battery Charger.
  • Each unit is identified with a unique, non-programmable, 10-digit factory-defined code.
  • Terminal is for indoors use only while the External Control Unit components can be placed anywhere.
  • In absence of mains electric power, the system is automatically powered by a rechargeable battery (Included) for 30 days minimum of continuous operation.
  • Built-in electromechanical Valve that can be operated remotely or locally by authorized personnel only, to block or allow water flow independently of any settings, consumption status or the normal flow control described below. This function requires an special key code only available to selected staff inside the provider organization.
  • Completely sealed stainless steel in-wall Terminal enclosure with no acceptor or card grooves.
  • Dynamic encryption with virtually impossible to duplicate codes. Trillions of combinations with proprietary 1024 bits encryption algorithms for the highest international safety index.
  • Proprietary LAMP server application to generate encrypted ASCII text codes or encrypted Barcodes.
  • English and Spanish versions available for Meters displays.

Water Flow Control

  • Monitors water consumption and stops the flow automatically when the programmed limit is reached. This feature effectively gives the government, the water supplier or the user (When "User Mode" is enabled) the ability to rationalize consumption in a global, sectorized or case by case manner.
  • Can be programmed remotely via the wireless interface or locally through the USB interface.
  • Programmable Measure and Selling Unit. Cubic Feet or Cubic Meter (Default).
  • Programmable Minimum Selling Units. Default 1.
  • Programmable Maximum Selling Units. Default 100.
  • Programmable Maximum Consumption in Measure Units per period. i.e. 20/Day = Maximum 20 Measure Units per day
  • Programmable Consumption Period: Day (Default), Week or Month. Only one value can be programmed. NOTE: Daily control is the best option because the count is cleared at the beginning of each period. If daily control is programmed and the flow was blocked in the previous day, it is enabled again for the new day.
  • Programmable audible alarm to warn Maximum Consumption limit is approaching.

Meter Specifications

  • External Pulse Meter (Included)
  • Meter always meets buyer's specifications because it is specifically selected by us to fully comply with them and also with our very strict requirements of quality and functionality.
  • Up to 1 Km connection distance from Terminal to External Control Unit with waterproof four wires flexible cable, including the 2 wires from the pulse meter.


USER MODE is a special form of operation to allow users to benefit from the ZSMW2® Meter system advantages and sophistication as a stand-alone unit. EXCEPT FOR THE METER system, that still can be used by the service provider to accurately and safely monitor and register user consumption, all other control functions are managed directly by the user.


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