Product Description



Low Cost Call Control System for Inmates

Module (Telephone Set)


The most effective, friendly and reliable low cost call control system. Specially designed to control phone calls in penitentiaries, jails and in general, places where permanent communications supervision is required.

NOTE: A laptop computer (Not included) with an internal or external smart card reader/writer is needed for each detention facility, to issue, modify and read users cards. The Smart Card Reader/Writer device should be compatible with SLE4428 and BL7442 or other similar cards. Almost any reader/writer in the market is compatible with these smart cards. The computer is also used to transfer information and data to/from the Module through its protected internal USB interface.

10 units minimum first order.

Please contact us for orders, quotations, volume discounts or more information

Lead Time: Five (5) to Nine (9) weeks depending on stock.


Product Details

System Description

  • Proprietary leading edge technology with last generation hardware (UL and CSA approved minimum) and firmware.
  • Highly modular architecture with independent stand-alone Modules (Telephone Sets).
  • Any number of modules can be placed for very few or thousands of users with no extra cost as it does not require local nets or platforms.
  • Smart Card operation with low-cost personal and non-transferable smart cards (Not included), with unique programmable personal identification code, hardware secured and rewritable up to 10,000 times. This effectively allows an unlimited number of users.
  • Extended fraud protection with proprietary dynamic encryption, which makes it virtually impossible to duplicate or modify the users cards.
  • Each module works with wired lines by default, but can also be used with cellular lines using a low-cost external "Fixed Wireless Terminal - FWT" device (Not included) as described below.
  • Stand-alone operation of each module with no need for external parameters, instructions or connections, which make the system fast, highly reliable and efficient.

Module Description See photo

  • Built-in Smart Card reader.
  • Built-in 2 wires FXS (Foreign eXchange Subscriber) interface with 48 Volts current supply, inductive coupling DAA with 4500 Volts isolation minimum, call progress tones generation, dialed number capture and background DTMF dialing.
  • Built-in Telephone Handset for highly noisy environments, with digital volume control and optical hang on/off detection.
  • Built-in Rewritable 32 Mb flash memory chip to store calls details, with eight (8) years data retention minimum.
  • Built-in Real Time Clock calendar with independent battery backup.
  • Built-in Illuminated 16 characters x 2 rows LCD, protected with a 3 mm polycarbonate overlay.
  • Built-in Battery backup with charger and rechargeable Li-Ion battery (Included) for 6 hours minimum of continuous operation.
  • Built-in Protected access internal USB 2 Port to collect the calls details reports, and to upload the Module configuration parameters and the "firmware" updates when available.
  • Up to 256 programmable restricted phone numbers.
  • Programmable Minute Price.
  • Automatic storage of the last 65000 calls details including user's identification, dialed number, price per minute, card balance, total charged and time and date of the call. This information allows an optimal and very effective control of users calls, very useful for state security and intelligence organizations.
  • Very fast calling procedure. No codes or pins to enter. Only the insertion of the card is required to make one or several consecutive calls while the smart card is inserted.
  • Stainless steel cold rolled housing with heavy-duty handset and armored cord to sustain 450 Kg pull strength.

¿What is a "Fixed Wireless Terminal"?

A Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT) is best described as a base station mobile phone. It enables connection of landline devices such as a telephone handset, call control devices like the ZSSMX5, fax machine, etc., and connects using the mobile phone network. Being completely wireless, a Fixed Wireless Terminal is often used in situations where traditional landline infrastructure is not available. The unit takes any standard mobile device SIM card and sends all calls over the corresponding cellular network, allowing users to make voice calls using any standard handset or landline device.


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